Advertising costs
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Presentation, advertising cost.


We like it to be known that it was the  Practitioners  who first called us and asked us to make the EyeRonec

camera for THEM.  This started the manufacturing and sale of cameras. 


We are not a sales company, pushing products. We do NOT employ aggressive marketing tactics and  the  Iris  photos  we show are from our own clinic cameras and our patients; No retouched or "Photo shoped"  images or commercial photography has been used ....


You may have seen presentations from others showing "doctored" images of iris and sclera, these may not

truly represent the images you,the user,can achieve in your clinic. We do not have a large advertising budget,

thus saving you money.  


Some other Iriscope sales companies  advertise their camera separately.  

So you would need to add the price of the  chinrest etc and  software is required to operate that system.

Without  a computer and software their system will not work.  In Contrast:


The EyeRonec Pebble iris system is complete, you unpack it and set it up and you are ready to use it in minutes.

(A child can use the camera)


Before you decide to purchase an iriscope do your sums.

1. Add up  ALL  the  extras  you  need to operate the system.


2. Think of the learning curve.....

(Did the salesman allow you to take some pictures by yourself?)


3. How many settings did you have to check?

We have seen the others teach practitioners the use of their camera and we were not sure if we should be crying or laughing.


Please study our   brochures   and instruction booklet  for   further information  and contact us  if  you have any specific questions.


At  EyeRonec  You  are  dealing  with  practicing  Naturopaths   not  salesmen!