Computer connectability and lenses
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                camera latest image12.png                               lcd monitor1.png                                 Computer connectability

A  USB cable is provided for fast downloading of the images to a computer. The printer can even be used to print post card size photographs from your computer,  but when connected as recommended it will print directly from the camera.....

Images may be downloaded for importing into an iris- program for practitioners that like to use computerised

zone location in stead of an iris chart. * (Please read my and other's view on these systems)

*Here is a Practitioner's, Eli Shamon, who has 30 years practice experience, view of software analysis:

What do you think of computer iridology diagnosis?

    ”Computer diagnosis is only as good as the person who has formatted the software program.  If the knowledge of the programmer is limited to standard textbook diagnosis, without many years of extensive hands-on experience, the interpretation could be limited. There are several different programs available with slight variations.

    “Colour accuracy in the image on computer iridology programs is not consistent.  It’s like getting a second copy of a photo where the colours on the original are “true colour” and the duplicate is different.

    “Iris distortion occurs on computers because a computer is programmed to a uniform sized iris.  Not every iris is round, some are naturally oblong or slightly distorted.  I use manual diagnosis, which can assure accuracy by re-focusing your Iridology glass as many times as is required, for accurate diagnosis.”

State of the art electronics and lenses


Although the EyeRonec digital iriscope is technically advanced, the unit is  extremely  simple to  use. 


The EyeRonec lenses are locally made of special optical glass and are coated for improved performance, while

the Canon camera lenses are world renowned for their superior quality.  


No halogen or xenon (HOT) type bulbs are used, the lighting system is solid state with electronic intensity controls. So never  replace  a bulb again. The EyeRonec iriscope is  ideal  for  Naturopaths  and  iridologists,  the ease  of  operation  and  the

instant images on a large 13" screen will save valuable consultation time and patient's compliance is also improved as the patient can now actually SEE the changes the treatment has made to their eyes. 


All our Patients are very interested in seeing the improvements in their irides from visit to visit and I am sure your patients will be the same.  The  EyeRonec  digital iriscope is really  the best value for money system on the market, and is backed by a 3 years guarantee from Canon.  (In Countries where Canon offers this service)


The EyeRonec iris camera equipment may be shipped to all parts of the world,  as  we  provide universal

power supplies.

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