EyeRis Iridology SOFTWARE
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EyeRis Iridology reporting software.

You have been asking for a long time NOW it's here.

An iridology report writing program that let YOU decide what will be printed  on the report.

Recommendations may be edited and customised based on your experience and studies.

Iris grid overlay in black, white and invisible.

Great value for money NO expensive outlay of $500 -$600 ! and the operation is EASY (No dragging)

An full colour UNIVERSAL iris chart with system flash cards to show your patients is included.

Finally a program that does not weigh you down and is a burden to learn.....

The EyeRis iridology report prints information of all the areas found to be problematic.

The client's name and YOUR NAME and details are printed on the professionally designed cover.

This report writing program is specifically for CLIENTS to read and uses ordinary, understandable English.

Recommendations are based on the knowledge of the old masters as well as practitioners from Australia. UK and USA with long clinical experience, putting hundreds of years of experience into this report writing program. 

Latest version 1.5  $ 148.-- plus postage or $ 98 as a download. (NO further cost for upgrades or licencing fees)


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