Special lighting and portability
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Special Lighting


The lighting system is regulated by using single push button control for intensity, and number of lights used.


Press once for blue irises (8 lights) and press again for 2 side lights for use with dark, true brown irises.  


The LED lights are build- in so there is NO heat and there is NO interference from ambient light entering through windows and from office lights.

The white dots are designed to fall into the pupil area. There is NO need for the dreaded flash or a black hood.


EyeRonec LED lighting system covers the full spectrum and can last for over 13 years of 8 Hrs a day use, Halogen lamps used by other iridology camera manufacturers will only last 1000 Hrs approx.


Our system produces true WHITE light in the range of 5000K - 6000K. Halogen lights do NOT produce daylight but a light closer to the old fashioned light bulbs at 3200k and xenon lights.


These are the lights used by other iriscamera makers.



You may have seen slogans like "Portable Iridology camera"" Portable Iriscope" but how portable are they?


The  EyeRonec  iriscope  system  has  travelled  all  over  the  world.   



(No forklift truck needed to carry the EyeRonec iriscope) It is comical to see that after we introduced our small compact camera other camera makers took there large, heavy cameras of the stand and claimed to have a portable handheld camera.


Just try to keep 4 pound or more in your hand for a while and you know how portable that really is...