The development of a world class iriscope
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Iridology equipment Terminology

The study of the iris of the eye is called Iridology, the study of the white area of the eye is  termed  Sclerology and currently in the USA the term Eyology is being introduced to indicate the observation  of  markings both in the iris and the sclera of the eyes. So the EyeRonec Pebble iris camera can be referred to as an  Iris camera, an  Iriscope,  an  Eyology  camera  and  even  a  Rayed , Jensen, integrated iridology, Universal  or  European  iridology    system  camera.

No matter which name you like to use, the  EyeRonec  iridology camera system  makes  wonderful  pictures and shows a  very  clear  image on  any Mac, Windows or Laptop. It is also great for Teaching  or  promotions, creating a giant  screen Iriscope or shop front advertising.


The very latest technology  is  incorporated  in our iridology equipment and the cameras and this technology is being updated regularly.


The EyeRonec iridology cameras  are  excellent  value  for  money.   We  are  the  originators  of  this  concept and have design and patent protection.

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The way it was...               



While  watching  Catherine  Chan at work, first  with a  Jensen  iriscope with camera and later with a custom built iriscope I, Leo Bongaards, a  practicing  naturopath  and  electrical  engineer,  thought that there  must  be  a  better  way.


The  cumbersome looking into the microscope and the recording  on patient - cards of all the markings  in  the irises and then discussing these with the patients seemed a tedious way of working,   also the technical jargon of  the  iridology  practitioner  did  not  mean  anything much to the patient.


So at first, attempts were made to utilize a video camera for direct display of the irides,  after  all  other companies had gone that path with  "security type" cameras, unfortunately the equipment needed, for a good system  was  going  to  cost  approximately $ 20,000-- at  that  time,  putting  this  idea  out  of  reach  for  most practitioners.


During the following years cheaper experimental alternatives were tried with  moderate success. Eventually the quality, features and price of DIGITAL  Cameras  came in reach and  with help of an importer of top quality cameras and some modifications and program changes the EyeRonec  prototype  was conceived.


Catherine used the prototype for approximately 18 months, during this time she was delighted with the results.


It was after Catherine appeared on National  television speaking of her work in the area of fertility,  that  the TV station was inundated with calls, not only from Patients but also from practitioners inquiring about the camera and  the equipment Catherine used.  


This  inspired  me to have  the  units  professionally made and now  EyeRonec  cameras  have  been  sold to colleges, iridologists, Naturopaths and herbalists world wide.

~ Leo Bongaards ND MH Dip Ir


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